Wine List

Wine is our passion, and we deliver this without pretense.  Every selection is the product of evaluation by a tasting panel of our company’s sharpest palates - “If we don’t love it – we won’t serve it”! 

You’ll find an artful mix of “By the Glass” selections to provide you a path for exploring exciting new regions and styles while maintaining a lineup of tried and true favorites.   Our monthly features showcase top wine makers and many exclusive selections available at “wine store” prices…

It’s our way of saying “thank you” and introducing stellar wines.

The focus of our wine list is…
  • Serious Pinot Noir – as the ideal accompaniment to Salmon and a house favorite
  • Whimsical White – fun varietals from around the world compliment our fresh seafood
  • Bold Chardonnay – our favorite with shellfish, indulgent and lush
  • Pin point – Each selection for a reason, 100 or less bottles, many $50 or less